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Intimate and Elegant Backyard Wedding | Elizabeth and Greg

Ellie and Greg had a big wedding planned for June of this year, and as we all know, everything went sideways. They decided to hold a small ceremony and make it official this Sept with fifteen of their closest friends and family and to have their big reception and full shin-dig in May of 2021.

They showed up ready and descended the back stairway to a small and elegant setting. Greg’s friend played her guitar and sang. The ceremony was genuinely adorable, filled with laughter and emotion. A champagne toast preceded the nuptials, and everyone casually gathered for cocktails, a cake cutting, and a sweet first dance in between the tables for their guests. Everything was beautiful as the warm sunset over the pool, and the back patio and laughter filled the air. The meal was fabulous, and the night closed with a fun little game and tiki torches glowing. Ellie and Greg had the best day they could have hoped for. Perhaps an even better way to celebrate then previously planned.

A little backstory of how they met – After graduating from MSU and entering the business world in May 2013, Ellie met Greg at a party he was hosting in his home.
Back at the party, Ellie was lamenting that meeting people was more difficult than she ever imagined. So Greg and his friends volunteered to help her learn the ins and outs of “how to meet cool guys.”
After their first trial run, Ellie’s mom asked her how it went. Her reply was, “Well, Greg says I have to lower my voice, stop introducing myself as my opening line, and not announce my title and where I work all in the first sentence … Otherwise, it went ok, but no guys asked me out.”
However, during these weeks of continued coaching, Ellie did confess that she thought Greg was “dreamy handsome.”

I am not sure if Greg’s excellent training backfired, or maybe Ellie lowered her voice and got better at the opening line, but from this process, blossomed a friendship that turned into love, and here we are today!
I can’t wait to add to their story in the spring!!! Thanks for having us document all of it, guys!

Cake – For the Love of Sugar, Detroit 
Suit – Nordstrom
Dress – Adrianna Papell
Flowers – Breath of Spring
Catering – Annabel Cohen Cooks Detroit Hair: Chelsea Perez

Make Up: Todds Room

Rentals: Gerychs

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